For the Church

  1. Church building needs and pastoral search.
  2. Pray for Sunday worship arrangement to better help brothers and sisters in worship, including possible separate worship service for students.
  3. Pray for church’s Sunday English translation ministry. It is important for our next generation and English-speaking people.
  4. Please pray for Friday Fellowship development, especially as some more families will join the Bible study on Friday night.
  5. Pray for church cell group ministry in coordination and stability.
  6. Praise and give thanks to the Lord for the children ministry and coworkers in the past year. May the Lord continue to guide us in training new teachers.
  7. Praise the Lord for the new teachers He has provided for youth ministry. May Lord continue to guide us on the ministry, especially the whole youth program, including Sunday school and fellowship.
  8. Please pray for the elderly ministry: brothers and sisters’ awareness towards the ministry and program to serve the elderly in our church and our community.
  9. Praise and thank the Lord for the growth of family groups in the past year. May our Lord continue to guide us in the family ministry.
  10. Praise and give thanks to the Lord for the students ministry, especially for the coworkers. May our Lord continue to open the students’ hearts and raise more coworkers for the ministry. 
  11. Pray for the visitation and caring ministry.

Mission Organizations:

  1. Churches in China (teaching & training, cultures);
  2. Far East Broadcasting Company;
  3. Oversea Mission Fellowship;
  4. St. Barnabas in Hong Kong;
  5. Partners International;
  6. China Soul.

Missionaries or workers

  1. Brant Hoover
  2. Larry and Lucy Champoux;
  3. Pui-Fun Ip and her husband (Xinjiang);
  4. Bob & Michelle Law (Taiwan);
  5. Keith Lee & family (Laos);
  6. Fred and Lily Phelps (Kazakhstan);
  7. Paul and Carolyn Ramsey (Tianjin);
  8. Gideon and Maple Wu (Saipan Island);

For Personal Needs

  1. Please continue to pray for our friends who are seeking God. The Lord bring them to our church and let them understand the gospel. One day they will also acknowledge the One and Only God, repent their sins, trust in Jesus, and be born again. Please care for them and pay attention to their needs.
  2. The church has arranged busy activities during summer. We will have student ministry, outdoor activities, short-term mission, caring and visitation, etc. The schedules are heavy but they also provide good opportunities for everyone to get involved in church ministries. We will learn to work with each other and have fellowship in the Lord. Our Lord is the good God and He blesses us for walking with Him. Be joyful in the Lord and give thanks always.

The church has decided to support $400 from mission budget to a Singapore Seminary. They are seeking supports from churches and organizations to fund part of the cost to build a student dormitory.